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03rd May, 2022

Priya + Mithun

Wedding photography is the most important part of your wedding. A wedding album is a beautiful keepsake of couple’s intimate and precious moments. The memories which are created on your special day will be cherished by you and your family throughout the life. Therefore, it is important to have a professional wedding photographer who can capture each and every essential moment of your wedding.

Here in this post I am sharing with you the top moments that your wedding photographer should not miss to capture at your wedding.

Here we go…..

1. Bridal details

Everything about bride is special, be it her wedding attire or her make-up items or her hairstyle anything. Every detail is crucial and needs to be captured to cherish all these memories of special day even after years of their wedding.

2. Moments when bride is getting ready

It is again a most important shot, every bride has something unique about her. The glow, charm, and the happiness that a bride has on her special day can’t be seen any other day. While capturing the details of her attire, bridal gang, and make-up artists helping her to look her best, wedding photographer can take various photographs of bride getting ready from every angle. These photos are the must-haves in any wedding album. Varied emotions can be seen when a bride gets ready and all these shots really complete the album.

Bride walking down the aisle

Everyone at the wedding is waiting for the gorgeous bride’s arrival at the venue. This is the must have moment of the couple’s special day. The grand entry of the bride in her gorgeous wedding dress with her bridesmaids can’t be missed. If you have planned some special entry, make sure you keep your photographer informed in advance, so that he can capture the moment accordingly.

 First look

A must have moment of bride and groom’s special day, when the bride reaches the aisle and the groom and bride exchange first look. Unique and candid moments to capture.

Couple portraits

Couple portraits is no brainer. This is the most important part of the wedding photography that every couple look forward to. After all, these will be the images they will get life-sized photos framed from to hang on their room walls. Wedding photographer can take some classic, candid, vintage, and silhouettes to have a beautiful wedding photo album. Also, don’t miss to try different angles, positions and theme for couple portrait

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Copyrights © 2021–2022. Oncemore Photography. All Rights Reserved
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